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Online time query tool around the world: Provides the time query function of major cities in the world, which can display the current current time around the world in real time

About time time and time zone

                    The earth rotates from west to east. The east sees the sun before the west, and the east is earlier than the west.


                    The difference between the east time and the west time must be calculated not only in hours, but also in minutes and seconds, which causes inconvenience to people                 


                    In order to overcome the confusion of time, an international longitude conference (also known as the International Meridian Conference) held in Washington in 1884 provided for the global division into 24 time zones.                 

                    They are middle time zone (zero time zone), east 1-12 zone, west 1-12 zone.


                    Each time zone spans 15 degrees longitude, and the time is exactly 1 hour


                    The last east and west zones 12 each span 7.5 degrees, bounded by 180 degrees east and west


                    The time on the central meridian of each time zone is the time uniformly adopted in this time zone, called zone time.


                    The time difference between two adjacent time zones is 1 hour. For example, the time in East 8 district of China is 1 hour faster than the time in East 7 district of Thailand, and 1 hour slower than the time in East 9 district of Japan.                 

                    Therefore, people traveling abroad must adjust their watches at any time to be consistent with local time.


                    Every time you go west, you need to move the watch forward for 1 hour (for example, 2 o'clock to 1 o'clock).


                    Every time you go east, you need to move the watch backward for 1 hour (for example, 1 to 2).


                    In order to adopt a uniform time throughout the country, the time in a certain time zone is generally used as the national uniform time.                 


                    For example, China considers the time in the East 8 district where the capital Beijing is located as the national unified time, called Beijing time                 


                    For another example, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, although located in the central time zone, in order to be consistent with the time in most European countries, the time in the East 1 zone is used.                 

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