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country / region name Original old symbol Standard symbol Coin carry system Region (Continent)
China Hong Kong HongKong Dollars HK$ HKD 1HKD=100cents Asia
Macao, China Macao Pataca PAT.;P. MOP 1MOP=100avos Asia
China Renminbi Yuan RMB¥ CNY 1CNY=10 jao
1 jao=10 fen
Korea Korean Won KPW 1KPW=100分 Asia
Vietnam Vietnamese Dong D. VND 1VND = 10 angle = 100 points Asia
Japan Japanese Yen ¥;J.¥ JPY 1JPY=100 sen Asia
Laos Laotian Kip K. LAK 1LAK 1LAK=100 ats Asia
Cambodia Camboddian Riel CR.;J Ri. KHR 1KHR=100 sen Asia
Philippines Philippine Peso Ph.Pes.; Phil.P. PHP 1PHP=100 centavos Asia
Malaysia Malaysian Dollar M.$;Mal.$ MYR 1MYR=100 cents Asia
Singapore Ssingapore Dollar S.$ SGD 1SGD=100 cents Asia
Thailand Thai Baht (Thai Tical) BT.;Tc. THP 1THP=100 satang Asia
Myanmar Burmese Kyat K. BUK 1BUK=100 pyas Asia
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rupee S.Re. Plural: S.Rs. LKR 1LKR=100 cents Asia
Maldives Maldives Rupee M.R.R; MAL.Rs. MVR 1MVR=100 larees Asia
Indonesia Indonesian Rupiah Rps. IDR 1IDR=100 cents Asia
Pakistan Pakistan Pupee Pak.Re.;P.Re. Plural: P.Rs. PRK 1PRK=100 paisa Asia
India Indian Rupee Re.Plural: Rs. INR 1INR=100paise Asia
Nepal Nepalese Rupee N.Re.Plural: N.Rs. NPR 1NPR=100 paise Asia
Afghanistan Afghani Af. AFA 1AFA=100 puls Asia
Iran Iranian Rial RI. IRR 1Irr=100 dinars Asia
Iraq Iraqi Dinar ID IQD 1IQD=1000 fils Asia
Syria Syrian Pound £.Syr.; £.S. SYP 1SYP=100 piastres Asia
Lebanon Lebanese Pound £L. LBP 1LBP=100 piastres Asia
Jordan Jordanian Dinar J.D.; J.Dr. JOD 1JOD=1,000 fils Asia
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Riyal S.A.Rls.; S.R. SAR 1SAR=100qurush1qurush=5 halals chateau Asia
Kuwait Kuwaiti Dinar K.D. KWD 1KWD=1,000 fils Asia
Bahrain Bahrain Dinar BD. BHD 1BHD=1,000 fils Asia
Qatar Qatar Riyal QR. QAR 1QAR=100 dirhams Asia
Oman Oman Riyal RO. OMR 1OMR=1,000 baiza Asia
Yemen Arab Yemeni Riyal YRL. YER 1YER=100 fils Asia
Democratic Yemen Yemeni Dinar YD. YDD 1YDD=1,000 fils Asia
Turkey Turkish Pound (Turkish Lira) £T. (TL.) TRL 1TRL=100 kurus Asia
Cyprus Cyprus Pound £C. CYP 1CYP=1,000 mils Asia
European Monetary Union Euro EUR EUR 1EUR=100 euro cents Europe
Iceland Icelandic Krona I.Kr. ISK 1ISK=100 aurar Europe
Denmark Danish Krona D.Kr. DKK 1DKK=100 ore Europe
Norway Norwegian Krone N.Kr. NOK 1NOK=100 ore Europe
Sweden Swedish Krona S.Kr. SEK 1SEK=100 ore Europe
Finland Finnish Markka (or Mark) MK.;FM.; FK.;FMK. FIM 1FIM=100 penni Europe
Russia Russian Ruble (or Rouble) Rbs. Rbl. SUR 1SUR=100 kopee Europe
Poland Polish Zloty ZL. PLZ 1PLZ=100 groszy Europe
Czech and Slovak Czechish Koruna Kcs.; Cz.Kr. CSK 100 Hellers= Europe
Hungary Hungarian Forint FT. HUF 1HUF=100 filler Europe
Germany Deutsche Mark DM. DEM 1DEM=100 pfennig Europe
Austria Austrian Schilling Sch. ATS 1ATS=100 Groschen Europe
Switzerland Swiss Franc SF.;SFR. CHF 1CHF=100 centimes Europe
Netherlands Dutch Guilder(or Florin) Gs.;Fl.;Dfl.; Hfl.;fl. NLG 1NLG=100 cents Europe
Belgium Belgian Franc Bi.;B.Fr.; B.Fc. BEF 1BEF=100 centimes* Europe
Luxembourg Luxembourg Franc Lux.F. LUF 1LUF=100 centimes Europe
United Kingdom Pound, Sterling £;£ Stg. GBP 1GBP=100 new pence Europe
Ireland Irish pound £.Ir. IEP 1IEP=100 new pence Europe
France French Franc F.F.;Fr.Fc.; F.FR. FRF 1FRF=100 centimes Europe
Spain Spanish Peseta Pts.;Pes. ESP 1ESP=100 centimos Europe
Portugal Portuguese Escudo ESC. PTE** 1PTE=100 centavos Europe
Italy Italian Lira Lit. ITL 1ITL=100 centesimi*** Europe
Malta Maltess Pound £.M. MTP 1MTP=100 cents1Cent=10 mils Europe
Yugoslavia Yugoslav Dinar Din.Dr. YUD 1YUD=100 paras Europe
Romania Rumanian Leu L. ROL 1ROL=100 bani Europe
Bulgaria Bulgarian Lev Lev. BGL 1BGL=100 stotinki Europe
Albania Albanian Lek Af. ALL 1All=100 quintars Europe
Greece Greek Drachma Dr. GRD 1GRD=100 leptonor lepta Europe
Canada Canadian Dollar Can.$ CAD 1CAD=100 cents America
United States U.S.Dollar U.S.$ USD 1USD=100 cent America
Mexico Mexican Peso Mex.$ MXP 1MXP=100 centavos America
Guatemala Quatemalan Quetzal Q GTQ 1GTQ=100 centavos America
El Salvador Salvadoran Colon SVC 1SVC=100 centavos America
Honduras Honduran Lempira L. HNL 1HNL=100 centavos America
Nicaragua Nicaraguan Cordoba CS NIC 1NIC=100 centavos America
Costa rica Costa Rican Colon CRC 1CRC=100 centavos America
Panama Panamanian Balboa B. PAB 1PAB=100 centesimos America
Cuba Cuban Peso Cu.Pes. CUP 1CUP=100 centavos America
Bahamas Federation Bahaman Dollar B.$ BSD 1BSD=100 cents America
Jamaica Jamaican Dollars $.J. JMD 1JMD=100 cents America
Haiti Haitian Gourde G.;Gds. HTG 1HTG=100 centimes America
Dominica Dominican Peso R.D.$ DOP 1DOP=100 centavos America
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Dollar T.T.$ TTD 1TTD=100 cents America
Barbados Barbados Dollar BDS.$ BBD 1BBD=100 cents America
Colombia Colombian Peso Col$ COP 1COP=100 centavos America
Venezuela Venezuelan Bolivar B VEB 1VEB=100 centimos America
Guyana Guyanan Dollar G.$ GYD 1GYD=100 cents America
Suriname Surinam Florin S.Fl. SRG 1SRG=100分 America
Peru Peruvian Sol S/. PES 1PES=100 centavos America
Ecuador Ecuadoran Sucre S/. ECS 1ECS=100 centavos America
Brazil Brazilian New Cruzeiro G Gr.$ BRC 1BRC=100 centavos America
Bolivia Bolivian Peso Bol.P. BOP 1BOP=100 centavos America
Chile Chilean Peso P. CLP 1CLP=100 centesimos America
Argentina Argentine Peso Arg.P. ARP 1ARP=100 centavos America
Paraguay Paraguayan Guarani Guars. PYG 1PYG=100 centimes America
Uruguay New Uruguayan Peso N.$ UYP 1UYP=100 centesimos America
Egypt Egyptian Pound £E.;LF. EGP 1EGP=100 piastres
=1,000 milliemes
Libya Libyan Dinar LD. LYD 1LYD=100 piastres
=1,000 milliemes
Sudan Sudanese Pound £S. SDP 1SDP=100 piastres
=1,000 milliemes
Tunisia Tunisian Dinar TD. TND 1TND=1,000 milliemes Africa
Algeria Algerian Dinar AD. DZD 1DZ=100 centimes Africa
Morocco Moroccan Dirham DH. MAD 1MAD=100 centimes Africa
Mauritania Mauritania Ouguiya UM MRO 1MRO=5 khoums Africa
Senegal African Financial Community Franc C.F.A.F. XOF 1XOF=100 centimes Africa
Upper Volta African Financial Community Franc C.F.A.F. XOF 1XOF=100 centimes Africa
The Republic of Côte d'Ivoire African Financial Community Franc C.F.A.F. XOF 1XOF=100 centimes Africa
Togo African Financial Community Franc C.F.A.F. XOF 1XOF=100 centimes Africa
Benin African Financial Community Franc C.F.A.F. XOF 1XOF=100 centimes Africa
Nepal African Financial Community Franc C.F.A.F. XOF 1XOF=100 centimes Africa
Gambia Gambian Dalasi D.G. GMD 1GMD=100 bututses Africa
Guinea-Bissau Guine- Bissau peso PG. GWP 1GWP=100 centavos Africa
几内亚 Guinean Syli GS. GNS The coin is Corey cauri, but below 50 Corey
                                     Rounding off does not indicate; 50 mile or more is a mile.
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Leone Le. SLL 1SLL=100 cents Africa
Liberia Liberian Dollar L.$£;Lib.$ LRD 1LRD=100 cents Africa
Ghana Ghanaian Cedi GHC 1GHC=100 pesewas Africa
Nigeria Nigerian Naira N NGN 1NGN=100 kobo Africa
Cameroon Central African Finan-Coop Franc CFAF XAF 1XAF=100 centimes Africa
Chad Central African Finan-Coop Franc CFAF XAF 1XAF=100 centimes Africa
Congo Central African Finan-Coop Franc CFAF XAF 1XAF=100 centimes Africa
Gabon Central African Finan-Coop Franc CFAF XAF 1XAF=100 centimes Africa
Central Africa Central African Finan-Coop Franc CFAF XAF 1XAF=100 centimes Africa
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea Ekuele EK. GQE 1GQE=100 centimes Africa
South Africa South African Rand R. ZAR 1ZAR=100 cents Africa
Djibouti Djibouti Franc DJ.FS;DF DJF 1DJF=100 centimes Africa
Somalia Somali Shilling Sh.So. SOS 1SOS=100 cents Africa
Kenya Kenya Shilling K.Sh KES 1KES=100 cents Africa
Uganda Uganda Shilling U.Sh. UGS 1UGS=100 cents Africa
Tanzania Tanzania Shilling T.Sh. TZS 1TZS=100 cents Africa
Rwanda Rwanda Franc RF. RWF 1RWF=100 cents Africa
Burundi Burnudi Franc F.Bu BIF 1BIF=100 cents Africa
Zaire Zaire Rp Zaire Z. ZRZ 1ZRZ=100 makuta Africa
Zambia Zambian Kwacha KW.;K. ZMK 1ZMK=100 nywee Africa
Madagascar Franc de Madagasca F.Mg. MCF 1MCF=100 cents Africa
Seychelles Seychelles Rupee S.RP(S) SCR 1SCR=100 cent Africa
Mauritius Mauritius Rupee Maur. Rp. MUR 1MUR=100 centimes Africa
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Dollar ZIM.$ ZWD 1ZWD=100 cents Africa
Comoros Comoros Franc Com.F. KMF 1KMF=100 tambala Africa
Australia Australian Dollar $A. AUD 1AUD=100 cents
new Zealand New Zealand Dollar $NZ. NZD 1NZD=100 cents
Fiji Fiji Dollar F.$ FJD 1FJD=100 cents
Solomon Islands Solomon Dollar. SL. $ SBD 1SBD=100 cents

Online Currency Inquiry Tool

Currency inquiry table of various countries and regions in the world: provide information on currency names, symbolic representations, and rounding systems corresponding to the current countries and regions in the world

Definition of currency

Currency CCY (Currency) is essentially a contract between the owner and the market on the right to exchange, which is basically an agreement between the owners                 


                    I give what I have to the market and exchange for what I need. Currency is the agreement of this process. It reflects the economic and cooperative relationship between the individual and society.                 


                    The contractual nature of money determines that currency can have different manifestations, such as general equivalents, precious metal currencies, paper money, electronic money, etc.                 


                    It can be used as a medium of transaction, storage value, deferred payment standards and unit of account                 


                    Physical currency is a special commodity that acts exclusively as an equivalent in the exchange of materials and services. It is a material and symbolic appendix to people's commodity values.                 


                    Including currency in circulation, especially legal currency, and various savings deposits, in the realm of modern economy, only a small part of the currency field is displayed in the form of physical currency                 


                    Banknotes or coins in practice, most transactions use checks or electronic money                 


                    A currency area is a country or region that circulates and uses a single currency                 


                    When exchanging currencies between different currency areas, the concept of exchange rates needs to be introduced                 


                    Currency plays a fundamental and fundamental role in the modern economy                 


                    In macroeconomics, money means not only cash, but also cash plus a portion of tangible and intangible assets

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